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Meet SWFL Financial Coaching

Is it possible to be debt free?

What’s Your Plan?

Budget and Save

Eliminate Debt

Save For Emergency Fund

Save For Retirement

Save for Children’s College

Pay Off Your Mortgage Early!

Live and Give

How much is convenience costing you?

Stupid With Money

Working With Your Spouse

You cannot borrow your way out of debt

Get Rich with a Budget

Zero-Based Budget

Comfort Zone

Four Money Mistakes to Avoid

Stop complaining about other people’s success

Focus on your own success

Credit Cards

Working for the Man

Risky Investments

Teach Your Children About Money

Seven Important Areas of Life

My Budget Does Not Work


Create Steps for Your SMART Goals

Money is not the Goal

Enjoy the Journey

The Easy Way into the Upper Class

Financial Peace University Review

Opportunities — Take Advantage of Them

When Life does not go as Planned

How to Budget with an Irregular Income

Healthy Financial Plan

Being Normal

Determining Your Net Worth

Teach Your Children About Money Part II

The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of FIRE

How Much do You Need to Retire

Calculating Your Federal Income Tax

Setting your W-4 Correctly

Thankful and Content

Should You Do Your Own Taxes?

Refinancing a Mortgage

7 Ways to Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

Two Rules for Zero-Based Budgeting

Buying Christmas Gifts

How to Time the Market

What Would You Do If You Had A Million Dollars

Investing When a Recession is Coming

Be a Millionaire by Age 50

Make the Right New Year’s Resolutions

Building Wealth – It’s About Changing Your Behavior and Managing Your Money Properly

Important Things are Worth the Extra Money

Handling a Three-Paycheck Month

Honoring Our Obligations

Six Habits of Broke People

Having the Right Insurance

Having the Right Insurance Part II

Having Kids While in Debt

Things You Can Do When You Are Debt-Free

Outrageous Generosity

Different Ways to Give to Charity

Put Your Tax Refund to Work

Reducing Your Grocery Budget

The Benefits of Budgeting

Using the Rule of 72

The Easiest is not Always the Best

How to Cash Flow Your Budget

Getting Out of Debt Is Not Easy

Scarcity Mindset and How it Holds You Back

Personal Finance Statistics

Getting Through Chaotic Times

Abundance Mindset and How it Causes You to Stay in Debt

How to Manage Your Money to Have a Successful Financial Life

Pay Off Debt or Save During Uncertainty

Having a Mortgage in Retirement

Living in Fear and Making Financial Decisions Based on Your Emotions

Get Financially Fit So That You Can Help Others

When to Use the Emergency Fund

Things to do When Staying at Home for a Month

Have an Accountability Partner to Keep You on Track

How Strong is Your Financial Foundation?

Stop Getting Scammed

$1,000 Starter Emergency Fund Explained

How to Manage Your Money and Build Wealth Have Not Changed Because of COVID-19

Gazelle Intense – Get Out of Debt Fast

Realizing What’s Important

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Why The Debt Snowball Works