Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the JourneyLive for the experiences! Live in the moment! It’s not the destination, it’s the journey, right? How’s the journey when you are living paycheck to paycheck? How’s the journey when you have debt piling up, don’t know what to do about it, and are stressed about your finances? You cannot enjoy the journey like this!

You don’t enjoy it by being stressed every day. You have your fun, but when the bills come due, you’re left with a hangover that you must attend to, and it hurts. The journey isn’t fun anymore, and you don’t think the destination is attainable.

It’s like being on a two-day road trip to go see grandpa and grandma. I love driving and seeing the countryside, but after a full day of driving my butt hurts. I now want to get to their house as soon as I can. The journey is no longer fun because I hurt, and I wonder if the drive is worth it.

We need to change our thinking. Enjoy the journey while focusing on the destination.

Enjoy the Journey

Enjoy the journey by being content. Being content means, you already have joy in your current situation. Always wanting more and more things that you cannot afford and buying them on credit adds stress to your life. Stress makes the journey not enjoyable.

Enjoy the journey with your family. Spending time with your family does not have to be expensive. Going to work to get away from your family is not what the journey is supposed to be about. Working to support your family and then coming home to spend time with them is how you enjoy the journey with them.

Enjoy the journey by giving and volunteering. Find a worthwhile cause that you want to support. There are so many organizations where you can volunteer and give donations to. Spending all your money causes you to not have any to give.

Enjoy the journey by having fun. Have fun with your friends. Go on some vacations after your debt is gone and your emergency fund is in place. Enjoy some of your money. You cannot do these things when you are broke! You do these things while keeping a focus on the destination.

Focus on the Destination

As you are working toward financial independence, enjoy the journey but keep your focus on the destination. Losing focus on the destination causes the journey to be stressful. You stop being intentional with your money and start reaching for the credit card again.

When you focus on the destination, you realize that the journey does not have to be expensive. You can still build wealth while having fun. Lots of fun things are inexpensive. Bikes, parks, and games to name a few. My kids are young and like going to parks, going for bike rides, and playing simple games. They even like gardening. None of those cost much. Even if you have teenagers, it does not have to be expensive. Get out and enjoy nature which offers free benefits. Find hobbies that everyone likes to do. Determine what you and your family enjoy doing together. If those activities fit into your budget, and your budget causes you to reach your goals, then do those activities.

You should enjoy the journey, but you always need to stay focused on your financial goals. If your life is only about the journey, then you will never reach your goals. You are most likely stuck in Baby Step 1 with no financial plan. You need to get help, have goals, and get on a plan.


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