Getting Out of Debt Is Not Easy

Getting Out of DebtIt’s not easy getting out of debt, so I’m not going to make it sound that way. It’s hard to change habits, and it’s hard to change when you don’t know there are different ways to handle money.

Getting out of debt also takes a different mindset than the one that got us into debt. We all want our big trucks and fancy cars or our boats and jet skis. These are all fun to have but buying them on payments equals debt.

Maybe you aren’t into the big trucks, fancy cars, or water toys. Are you are into the easy life of convenience store cooking, fast food, or restaurants? Maybe you like watching cable TV or some streaming service while you hire someone to mow your lawn or clean your house. Living life like a king or queen is expensive! It doesn’t leave much money, if any, for eliminating debt.

Getting out of debt is going to be like getting into shape. Many of us haven’t been doing any exercise for the past 10 years and are 30 pounds overweight. Most of us are so out of shape that we couldn’t run a quarter mile without stopping! We have been sitting on the couch eating potato chips and donuts when it comes to our finances. Getting out of debt won’t be easy, but you can do it by making some changing. Once you get into shape, you feel great!

It’s Best to Not Start

Since getting out of debt is hard to do, it’s best to not even go there. You don’t have to live your life by taking on debt. If you have debt, there’s no need to take on more. Get on a budget and don’t spend more than you make. Live within your means. Don’t consider living with payments you can “afford” as living within your means.

Do you have to give up some things to not go into debt? No! You do not. If you have $5,000 and want a vehicle and a vacation, can you have both? Yes! You just might not get to have them both right now. Don’t finance a vehicle so you can go on a vacation. Buy the vehicle, and then save for the vacation. Money is not limited. It’s a different mindset then wanting and getting everything right now because you can “afford” the payment.

Help with Getting Out of Debt

We all make mistakes, and most of us have lived above our means and taken on debt at some point in our life. It’s how we were taught to live by society and probably our parents. Welcome to the club. What you do now will be a factor in getting out of debt.

If you make no changes, I hope you aren’t expecting to get out of debt. If you are walking toward a cliff do not expect that the cliff will move. You will fall off if you keep walking toward it! It’s the same with your debt. If you do not change your behavior with money, you will keep piling up the debt. However, once you decide that you are sick and tired of living like this, or you are sick and tired of how the debt is stealing from your future self and family, you are ready to get out of debt.

Once you are ready to get out of debt, the best way is to get out fast. Throw as much money at your debt as you can. Gazelle intense! Raise your income, cut your expenses, and sell things. Get all your options on the table including selling your vehicles and your house. Plot a course of action and have goals! Have a plan in place to become debt free in 2-3 years, not counting your primary mortgage if you have one.

Talk to a financial coach. Read financial blogs. Look into the ones about minimal living. I don’t endorse all the stuff they preach, but they can give some good ideas on cutting expenses and maybe bettering your overall life. There is so much information and help out there. You have to want to change your financial life and do the required work.

Although it’s not easy getting out of debt, the feeling of being debt free is priceless. Have a plan and take baby steps.


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