Have an Accountability Partner to Keep You on Track

Accountability PartnerMake sure you have an accountability partner for your finances. Find someone who can hold you accountable to your budget and your goals.

If you are going through other difficulties in your life, have someone for those areas as well. We go through loneliness, addictions, mental anguish from deaths of family and friends, and weight and health issues. Don’t think that you need to deal with these situations all on your own. There are professionals who can help you, but there are also friends and family, coworkers, and pastors who can help.

Accountability Partner for Your Finances

Have someone you can trust so that you can talk to them about your finances and who can keep you accountable. For married people, this is usually your spouse. For single people, ask a close friend or your mom or dad to be that accountability partner. Maybe a brother or sister can help you be accountable.

Make sure your accountability partner is going to be just that. You don’t want them to treat you like your sister, brother, or child. You don’t want emotions to get in the way of good financial behavior. Your mom and dad might let parental emotions get in the way, and your siblings might remember something you did to them growing up. Make sure they know that they are your accountability partner and not your parent or sibling in this roll.

You want this person to review your budget and your spending each month to keep you on track. It’s the same thing that spouses should be doing. If you can find someone good with finances and math, have them review your long-term plan of how you are going to reach your financial goals.

A financial coach can be an accountability partner, but I would suggest your first option should be to find someone else for this role and not a coach.

Get Connected to a Church

If you belong to a church, get with your pastor when you’re going through difficult times. He can talk with you, and they might know counselors who can help you.

Plenty of good men and women attend church who can help you with difficulties that you are going through. The people who go to church are not perfect, but that means most of them have been through difficult situations in their own lives. You can ask your pastor if anyone has been through the same situation that you are going through. Maybe he can hook you up with someone to talk with you. Find someone at church who can be an accountability partner with many areas of your life.


Don’t keep going through life trying to fix everything by yourself. Find an accountability partner for your finances who can help you stick to your plan for getting out of debt or reaching your financial goals. Find a pastor and professional counselors for some of life’s biggest issues. Church friends, coworkers, and your family can help get you through difficult times.

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