Seven Important Areas of Life

Important Areas of LifeThere are seven important areas of life that you should always be focusing on. This blog is about money and personal finance, but the other areas should not be neglected. You will run into problems when you focus on one area and not the others. Let’s take a brief look at each area because neglecting the other areas or focusing too much on some areas can have an impact on your financial life.


I consider my family to be the most important aspect of my life after my spiritual life. However, in order to take care of your family, you cannot neglect any of the areas. If you put too much focus on the other areas and neglect your family life, eventually your closest relationships will be strained. If you neglect your family to focus on your career and financial life, your family might not be around when you decide it’s time to focus on them. In the end, were your career, friends, and finances worth losing your family? Spend time with your spouse and your children. Teach your children about money.


Having friends around you is important, but you do not have to join them for drinks every night. Talk about an impact on your physical life! Your social life does not have to cost you a lot of money. Invite them over to your house. When you put too much effort into your social life your financial life starts to suffer because you’re always spending your money. Your family life suffers because you are spending time with your friends and not your family. If you’re in debt, you might need to give up some of your social life in order to get out of debt. Enjoy your relationships with your friends, but not at the cost of your other areas.


You need to take care of your physical self or you won’t be around to focus on the other areas. Exercise and eat healthy. You don’t need to spend a thousand dollars a year on a gym membership to exercise. You do need to focus on your physical life in order to stay healthy. Get off the couch and exercise. Neglecting your body now will come with higher costs later in life. Almost all other areas of your life will be impacted.


If you don’t keep learning it can have an effect on all the other areas. Your career suffers because you don’t keep up with technology or other aspects of your industry. Your financial life suffers because you become laid off from a job because you didn’t keep learning. All this ends up affecting your family life. Read books, read articles, and read the news. Learn how to invest, learn how to budget. Do more DIY around the house. Besides learning new skills, you can save money.


If you’re working in a career, you need to be on the cutting edge of your career so you can further it. If you are making minimum wage or close to it, you don’t have to stay there. Learn some new skills either to work your way up to management or a foreman position or even to another job that pays double. It’s ok to take an entry level job for minimum wage when you start out. It’s not ok to stay there. Neglecting this area of your life can cause stress on finances, obviously, but it also impacts all the other areas of your life. The stress it causes affects your physical self and family. Staying at minimum wage might cause you to have to work two or three jobs, which takes time away from everything else.


When your financial life is neglected you tend to become stressed. Your physical life starts to suffer as stress can cause you to eat junk food to cope. You don’t think straight because of the stress, and you start to make bad decisions. Your career starts to suffer because you can’t focus on your work. You can only focus on the bills that aren’t being paid and the credit card debt that you are accumulating. There is strain on your family because of the money fights with your spouse. When you’re drowning in debt you might need to give up some of your social life in order to correct your financial life.


I consider the spiritual aspect to be the most important area of my life. I hope this is the center of your life as well. Go to church. Volunteer at your church. Support your church. You’re giving and charitable contributions in your budget can tell you if you are neglecting your spiritual life. Get this aspect of your life right, and the rest will fall into place.


Although you need to strike a balance in these seven important areas of life, at certain times you need to focus on one more than the others. I would never ask you to give up your spiritual life. Don’t neglect or overemphasize any area. Keep growing in all areas. You are never too old to learn how to do something or to do something better. Focus on your financial life but not at the expense of the rest of the areas of your life.


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