Stop complaining about other people’s success

Other People’s SuccessIn order to become wealthy, you need to focus on your own success instead of complaining about other people’s success. People who only complain about other people’s success and who do not focus on their own success have almost no chance of becoming wealthy. Stop thinking that wealthy people don’t deserve what they have. Some of these wealthy people are people like teachers who worked hard, saved, and invested their money. Some of these people came from poor families! Focusing on others and not you causes inaction and discontent.

Don’t Believe the Lies

Stop believing the lies that are told about people who are millionaires. Around 75% of Millennials and more than half of Baby Boomers believe millionaires inherited their money! This means they think millionaires did not work for their money and that they got lucky by being born into the right family or into the right circumstances. The fact is that 80% of millionaires worked and saved their money to become wealthy. (*Data from ‘Everyday Millionaires’) You can also become wealthy, but you need to focus on and do things that can make you wealthy. You need to have a plan.

More and More Are Winning

The Urban Institute has a study** that shows that the upper class grew from 12.9% of the US population in 1979 to 29.4% of the US population in 2014! There are more wealthy people today as a percentage of the population than there were in 1979, and it’s not just a few more. There are lots more! Almost a third of America is in the upper class. Today there are between 11 million and 15 million households in the United States who have a net worth of at least a million dollars. (The number of millionaires depends on if you include their primary residence or not.)

The prosperity pie keeps getting bigger and is not limited. There’s a scarcity mentality amongst some people, and this causes them to think that wealth is finite. Stop thinking this way! When you think this way, you give up building wealth because you don’t think it’s possible. The American Dream is alive and well! There are more and more people who become millionaires each day. 250,000 new millionaires in 2018. Almost 700 a day in 2018.

No Such Thing as Luck

If you think wealthy people are successful because they got lucky, then you won’t become wealthy.  If you think becoming wealthy is because of luck then you will tell yourself that you have no control over it, and you will give up trying to build wealth. This idea that wealthy people got lucky is maybe why 28% of people earning less than $30,000 a year play the lottery at least once a week and spend $412 a year on it according to one study. They only think lucky people get wealthy because they were taught this by people who complain about wealthy people.


Some people stole their money and became wealthy. No doubt. Let law enforcement deal with them. Some people cheated others and got wealthy. No doubt. Pretty much the only thing you can do about this is to vote for people whom you think will take care of that. Vote and move on to being productive and becoming successful the right way. The only thing you can control in this situation is to exercise your right to vote. Register to vote here.

Don’t think that you cannot be wealthy but think that you can be. Thinking you can be wealthy won’t make you wealthy but thinking you cannot succeed will cause you to not succeed because you won’t try. You will automatically fail to become wealthy because you won’t try to become wealthy.


*Data from Chris Hogan’s ‘Everyday Millionaires’ book
**Source: https://www.urban.org/research/publication/growing-size-and-incomes-upper-middle-class/view/full_report

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