Realizing What’s Important

Hopefully, we learn some lessons from the past month and realize what’s important in our lives. The stores, at least at one point, were out of certain items. This is in the USA! There have been some disruptions to our food supply.

The disruptions were mostly in the logistics and not in the amount of food we have in this country. People had to eat more at home since the restaurants were closed, but the supply chain couldn’t change fast enough. All of this made me appreciate how easy it is to get food in the US when things are normal. I hope everyone realizes that we are so blessed to have an abundance of food in this country.

There are so many things besides food that we sometimes take for granted. Some of the important things like our churches, families, the country we live in, our health, and our wealth are easy to overlook when things are going good for us. It’s when times are tough or uncertain that we realize what’s important.

God, Family, Country

All this extra time spent with the family was a big change for some people. When it comes down to it, what’s really important? Is it your stuff? If everything were gone tomorrow, what would you miss the most? Your car? Your house or 401k?

We’ve been having church at home for the past five weeks and are eager to be able to go back. My wife and I have always put God first and consider our church family very important. It’s great that our churches have been forced to use technology—live streaming and other video conferencing tools. These can be great tools going forward, but hopefully, we realize that going to church is important and not something we just do at Christmas and Easter. Maybe in the future, we won’t be able to go.

My family has been spending a lot of time together, and I am sure yours has been, too. Maybe everyone learned that spending more time together is a great thing instead of everyone going their own way.

I’m also thankful to be living in the United States. One estimate is that we will spend $10 TRILLION because of this virus by the end of the year. I don’t agree with the fiscal policy that is occurring during this pandemic, but to be able to spend that much money is just mind boggling. That’s about $30,000 for every man, woman, and child in the United States! We are fortunate to be living here.

We are pretty much all in this together whether we like it or not. Maybe a few rich people had the means to get out of here and go into their bunker, but for the most part, we are in this together. Let’s live our lives knowing these things—God, family, country—are our priorities.


Did anyone die or even starve from not being able to eat at a restaurant for a month? I keep seeing the memes on Facebook about how everyone is gaining weight during the shutdown. I happened to drop a couple of pounds from walking 3-5 miles every day. We didn’t eat at restaurants too often anyway, so this didn’t bother us. We also don’t spend 20-40 hours (depending on the statistics you can find) a week watching Netflix or even have a Netflix subscription.

Everyone already knows that being obese causes health issues, and we are seeing some bad statistics from this virus. Obese people are a high risk of being hospitalized if they get COVID-19. It’s always a good time to eat right and exercise. Let’s not take our health for granted.


When times are uncertain, it seems that people become savers. That’s a good thing, but when times are good, too many of us forget that saving is important. Too many don’t live below their means so that they can save money for a rainy day. It’s hard to save money when you are unemployed so save it when times are good.

If you thought all those debt payments were bad when you had a job, how much worse are they when you don’t have an income? It doesn’t matter if it’s your personal debt or your business debt. Debt only works when everything works. It really, really doesn’t work when no one is coming to your business and buying your goods or services. Debt makes a bad situation many times worse.

Although this blog is about money, having money isn’t what’s important. Managing your money correctly is important. It doesn’t matter if you have a little or a lot. If you cannot manage your money when you have a little, you can have bigger problems when you have a lot! I hope this past month has made everyone realize that managing money correctly during the good times is important.


There are many important things in our lives. Hopefully, this past month made everyone realize what was really important. Keep living the rest of your life knowing what is important to you.



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