The Benefits of Budgeting

The Benefits of BudgetingYou get more benefits from budgeting than just knowing if you have enough money for the month. Budgeting can help you quit living paycheck to paycheck and start having money so you can save and pay off debt. When you budget, you become intentional with your money. Another benefit of budgeting is that couples start working together with their finances.

Knowing if You Have Enough

Most people who budget do so to know they will have enough money to last them all month. Even though this is usually the reason people start budgeting, it is a good reason to budget. If you get to the end of a month and don’t have money for your rent or to buy food, it becomes very stressful. Knowing that you have enough each month because your budget says you do can take away that stress.

Budgeting Helps You Be Intentional

How much money do you waste each month on random purchases? When it comes to giving to your church and other charities, how many times do you not have money to give? Maybe you wait until the end of the month because you just don’t know if you will have enough.

Don’t think that a budget restricts you. Since you will know you have enough money for the month when you budget, you can be intentional with your money. Being intentional is doing what you want and not what you have to. Being intentional can help you with a lot of things like saving, paying off your debt, and with your charitable giving.

I love going to the grocery store, but over time I have noticed that I was going 2-3 times a week. We would get our normal items at one store and realize a few days later that we were going to be out of eggs or something else that we bought at a different store. I wasn’t planning very well. Going to the grocery store was cutting into our swimming, parks, walks, and other fun in the afternoon. I realized I could be more intentional with my time. We now try to go to Sam’s Club once a week every two weeks and a grocery store on the other weeks. Once in a while, we mess up on something, but since we started being intentional with our money, we have become intentional with our time as well.

Stop Living Paycheck to Paycheck

80% of America lives paycheck to paycheck. The stress that comes with living like that is terrible! There is no reason to live paycheck to paycheck, and budgeting and being intentional can help you stop. When you are following a budget, you don’t spend money that you don’t have. Eventually, you will be able to start saving money because you aren’t randomly spending it. The money that is saved each month stays in your bank account until you have enough so that you can cashflow the month. You are no longer living paycheck to paycheck, and you no longer wonder if you will have money in your account when the bills are due.

Budgeting Helps Couples Work Together

My wife handled her finances very well before we met. We have always been on the same page financially since we were married, and we have never had an argument over money. My wife and I have the same financial goals because we talk about them. We work together trying to reach those goals. We know that neither one of us is in this for our own selfish desires.

I have worked with couples who are not on the same page financially. One person wants this, and the other wants that. They go in different directions because they both think only about themselves. When you budget together, it gives you that opportunity to work together and communicate with each other. Follow a plan that you both helped make, so that you have a better chance of sticking to your budget. You can hold yourself and your spouse accountable.


There are many benefits of budgeting. What are some other benefits that you have seen?

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